Ben Ribler, left, plays Eugene Marchbanks, while Nathan Whitmer plays the Rev. James Morell in Washington Stage Guild’s “Candida.” (Ryan Maxwell/Washington Stage Guild)

超级人碰人摸大公鸡免费视频-A moony poet who talks about airborne chariots and purple-winged archangels — could such a goofball really unsettle a pragmatic Victorian household that excels at fighting poverty and getting the dishes done on time? He could, if channeled by actor Ben Ribler.

2019香蕉国偷产拍视频-In Washington Stage Guild’s sometimes starchy but brisk and watchable production of George Bernard Shaw’s “Candida,” Rib­ler’s version of the poet Eugene Marchbanks provides both the chief entertainment value and the narrative logic. When this fidgety, tousled youth flings himself moodily into a chair to sulk about utilitarian values, or glowers with statuesque defiance like an Eton schoolboy pining for a duel, he is both a hugely diverting figure and a convincing threat to the status quo.

    秋霞66手机版-Ribler is the standout in director Laura Giannarelli’s staging, but this “Candida” boasts other assets, including a pithy running time (under two hours, including intermission), competent performances from Ribler’s castmates and, of course, the delectably witty 1890s script. Washington Stage Guild has long specialized in Shaw, and the troupe’s comfort with the material finds visual expression in Carl Gudenius and Jingwei Dai’s pitch-perfect set: a genteel Victorian sitting room with patterned wallpaper and book-crammed shelves.

    2019香蕉国偷产拍视频-This is the home of the Rev. James Morell (Nathan Whitmer), a socialist Anglican clergyman who’s a star speaker on the progressive lecture circuit. After he and his charismatic wife, Candida (Emelie Faith Thompson), befriend the lonely, aristocratic Marchbanks, the poet promptly falls in love with his new female acquaintance. Soon, Morell and Marchbanks are squaring off in a romantic showdown that’s also a clash of worldviews, with practical humanitarianism pitted against castles-in-the-air individualistic sentiment.

    Ben Ribler’s Eugene Marchbanks falls in love with Emelie Faith Thompson’s Candida Morell. (Ryan Maxwell/Washington Stage Guild)

    Real-life spouses Emelie Faith Thompson and Nathan Whitmer star as Candida and James Morell. (Ryan Maxwell/Washington Stage Guild)

    偷偷要费观看视频在 线-Whitmer and Thompson (spouses in real life) are confident onstage presences — among other highlights, Thompson supplies a hilarious bit of business with a fireplace poker — although their characters don’t seem to breathe Shavian air as naturally as Marchbanks does. David Bryan Jackson is funny and persuasive as Candida’s father, Mr. Burgess, a snobbish businessman whose predatory labor practices vex the Rev. Morell. First seen undulating across a threshold, thumbs tucked in the vest of his checked suit (Cheryl Yancey designed the apt period costumes), Mr. Burgess is a zesty comic figure, but he represents exploitative capitalism clearly enough to give the production political bite.

    秋霞66手机版-Danielle Scott is a tad stiff as the Rev. Morell’s secretary; Danny Beason is slightly better as a bumbling curate. Even with the hint of artifice that clings to some of the show’s performances, this “Candida” delivers eloquence and rom-com pleasures while musing meaningfully about topics such as marriage, idealism, work/life balance and the crippling power of doubt.

    超级人碰人摸大公鸡免费视频-But the stage only lights up when Ribler’s Marchbanks is skulking around in his velvet smoking jacket, looking now anguished, now insolent, now ecstatic. At one point, when the poet believes his love life is going well, he improvises an exuberant jig in the middle of the room. Watching this absurd disrupter, you feel like doing the same.

    99re久久热最新地址一- Candida by George Bernard Shaw. Directed by Laura Giannarelli; lighting design, Marianne Meadows; sound, Frank DiSalvo Jr. Two hours. Tickets: $50-60. Through Oct. 20 at the Undercroft Theatre at Mount Vernon Place United Methodist Church, 900 Massachusetts Ave. NW. 202-900-8788.