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2019香蕉国偷产拍视频-A 17-year-old hunter in Georgia is dead after he was fatally shot Saturday when his hunting party mistook the teen for a deer, according to police.

          99re久久热最新地址一-Bobby Lane, 17, had been hunting in a wooded area near the 500 block of Myers Hill Road in Brunswick, Ga., a semi-coastal region just 35 miles north of the Georgia-Florida border, Glynn County police said in a statement. Lane was in an “area of heavy foliage” when one of his hunting companions, identified as Hector Romero, allegedly thought Lane was a deer and fired.

          超级人碰人摸大公鸡免费视频-After realizing Lane was shot, the hunting party called police to take him to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

          超级人碰人摸大公鸡免费视频-Family members remembered the 17-year-old as a sportsman who enjoyed being in nature.

        1. 99re久久热最新地址一-“[Bobby] was a very avid hunter and fisherman who loved the outdoors,” Michael Rawling, who identified himself as Lane’s cousin, wrote on a GoFundMe page set up to help the family pay funeral expenses.

              超级人碰人摸大公鸡免费视频-It’s unclear whether charges will be filed in the incident, but the Georgia Department of Natural Resources investigation could possibly lead to an illegal weapons charge, according to Mark McKinnon, a spokesman for Georgia’s DNR Law Enforcement Division.

            1. 2019香蕉国偷产拍视频-Georgia is in the midst of bowhunting season for deer; firearm hunting doesn’t begin in the state until Oct. 19.

              99re久久热最新地址一-The firearm “will play into the investigation,” McKinnon told The Washington Post on Monday. “Our critical incident re-creation team is reconstructing the incident — just like you would a fatal car crash. They’ll take measurements, look at angles and they’ll determine what happened.”

              超级人碰人摸大公鸡免费视频-Despite Lane’s death, McKinnon said firearm incidents while hunting are relatively rare in Georgia.

              秋霞66手机版-“Most hunting accidents we have, and most fatalities we have, are from falling from tree stands. Those are much more common than shooter incidents,” McKinnon said.

              超级人碰人摸大公鸡免费视频-Read more:

              秋霞66手机版-They met at a GM plant. On their wedding day, they joined the picket line.

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