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Defenders of the secretary say he is caught between the demands of the president and his role as steward of U.S. foreign policy.

  • Oct 7, 2019

The attorney general is particularly interested in a shadowy European professor at the center of much conservative conjecture.

  • Oct 6, 2019

秋霞66手机版-Trump’s calls with foreign leaders have long worried aides, leaving some ‘genuinely horrified’

  • Administration officials worried that President Trump would make promises he shouldn’t keep, endorse policies the United States long opposed, commit a diplomatic blunder that jeopardized a critical alliance, or simply pressure a counterpart for a personal favor.

    • Oct 4, 2019

    The messages between State Department officials, an aide to Ukraine’s president and Rudy Giuliani were released by House Democrats as part of their impeachment investigation.

    • Oct 4, 2019

    The former Texas governor, who has touted fossil fuels but also research into alternative energy,will likely return to the private sector.

    • Oct 3, 2019

    秋霞66手机版-IRS whistleblower said to report Treasury political appointee might have tried to interfere in audit of Trump or Pence

    The IRS official who filed the complaint told The Washington Post he is alarmed by recent attacks on government whistleblowers.

    • Oct 3, 2019

    The nascent outreach campaign would target some of the 31 Democrats in districts Trump won in 2016, a pursuit at odds with attack ads from the Trump campaign and RNC.

    • Oct 3, 2019

    2019香蕉国偷产拍视频-Trump wanted to have U.S. forces equipped with bayonets to stop migrants at the border, among other ideas, officials say

    Frustrated with migration surge, Trump suggested several border security ideas, including a reptile-filled moat and shooting migrants. Staffers separated the ideas into two categories — those to be dismissed, and those to be implemented.

    • Oct 3, 2019

    The president’s attorney is promoting a narrative that the real story of 2016 is not Russian interference to elect Trump, but Ukrainian efforts to support Hillary Clinton. 

    • Oct 2, 2019

    The president faced rare booing from Republican lawmakers when he criticized Rep. Mark Sanford of South Carolina, who was not in the room.

    • Jun 19, 2018
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