99re久久热最新地址一-MARTINSBURG, W.Va. — Midnight on the General Motors picket line was a lively affair.

秋霞66手机版-There was pizza, a gift from unionized casino workers in Baltimore, piled up on a table. There were glow sticks, the kind revelers bring to concerts, bobbing up and down on the head and arms of a striking worker as she shook a sign at passersby.

超级人碰人摸大公鸡免费视频-There was the neon light shining down from Lust Gentlemen’s Club just up the block. “WE SUPPORT UAW STRIKE,” the club’s sign blasted.

秋霞66手机版-And then there was Dudley Webber, 60, an employee of some 40 years at the GM outpost here, which ships and distributes parts. Six hours into his picketing shift, he was hollering at every passing car or truck that honked.


偷偷要费观看视频在 线-“Woohoo!” he shouted at one. “Badass!” the driver yelled back.

    • 秋霞66手机版-Three weeks into one of the longest and largest private employer strikes in 50 years — some 50,000 workers have stopped working — picket lines like this are the front lines of a dispute that has seen production halted at 55 General Motors factories and parts centers.


      99re久久热最新地址一-Workers, who receive only $250 a week from the union during the strike and not their regular paychecks, say they want to regain ground lost in contract negotiations during the recession, now that the company is back to near-record profitability. GM, which analysts estimate could be losing as much as $100 million a day, says it needs to keep pace with foreign automakers in the United States, which are not unionized and pay workers less.


        秋霞66手机版-But the action is unfolding amid a broader conversation about inequality and the well-being of everyday Americans. Workers say they have drawn inspiration from recent battles, such as the 2018 teacher strike in this state, that have given organized labor a newfound sense of momentum. Worker strikes are proliferating to levels not seen for 30 years. A successful effort here could help beget others.

        秋霞66手机版-There are early signs that the strike may begin to drag the economy in places like Michigan. Picket lines there and in other swing states have served as a revolving door for Democratic presidential candidates to show support in front of television cameras.

        2019香蕉国偷产拍视频-But a strike is not a monolith. It is a quilt stitched together from the experiences of tens of thousands of workers, including the 88 at this distribution center in West Virginia’s panhandle. And to understand it, you have to go to the picket line — for all four round-the-clock shifts of it.

        秋霞66手机版-1:20 a.m. — Route 9 picket line

        超级人碰人摸大公鸡免费视频-Traffic on this thoroughfare, heavy during the day, had slowed to a trickle. The cicadas hummed that night — Oct. 2 — the air so warm that anything more than a T-shirt felt heavy.


        秋霞66手机版-And the 6 p.m.-to-midnight crew had mostly taken off, leaving the graveyard rotation, all under 30. Except for Gerry Van der Wijst, 61, who had been there since 3 p.m. He was banking some hours so he could take off on a trip with his wife, missing a shift over the weekend.

        2019香蕉国偷产拍视频-“Told the wife three weeks ago, ‘Aw, we’re not going to be on strike that weekend; don’t worry,’ ” he said.

        秋霞66手机版-Van der Wijst used to own a furniture store, but it closed in 2016 after business dried up. He never thought too kindly about unions as a private business owner. Now, he said, he finds himself supporting them.

        秋霞66手机版-“I feel like if I see people picketing in the future, I’m going to stop,” he said. “It means more to me now.”

      • 2019香蕉国偷产拍视频-They met at a GM plant. On their wedding day, they joined the picket line.

        99re久久热最新地址一-2:30 a.m. — Route 9